Action Comics #958 continues all the conflicts presented in the last issue while deepening the plot even further for a more suspenseful and action packed issue. Dan Jurgens in the previous issue, Action Comics #957, lays the foundation for issues to come with Doomsday bursting in the middle of a Lex Luthor vs. Superman fight while including the secretive Mr. Oz watching everything. From the start of issue #957 there are ironically 2 imposters in the comic book, the first one is Superman which is the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and the second is Clark Kent, the news reporter, who gets all the action live with the Lex Luthor and Superman fight. #957 sets up all the characters, while #958 just drags out the action to keep issues published bi-monthly to the public.

The plot keeps on accelerating with twenty pages of fighting and a full range of emotions. The fighting, of course, is with Doomsday, smarter than ever savagely pounding Superman of Lex Luthor in every frame he is on, while recklessly destroying Metropolis. Most of the emotions in this issue come from Lois Lane and her son when they are watching Superman getting obliterated on TV by Doomsday. In addition, Jimmy creates enough emotion talking to Clark Kent, trying to wrap his head around what is happening in Metropolis.

Patrick Zircher, again, steals the eye by drawing characters like Lex Luthor and Superman all majestic and powerful, while creating scenes perfectly to get in all the smashing and beatings of all the characters. Yet, the art of Zircher did not capture me as it did for issue #957 because of the blocky panels in the beginning and the splotchy background during all the fight scenes. However, the background proves the battleground is in Metropolis with the monorail, skyscrapers, and towers. Is it just me or in some panels does Lois looks like a sister to Jonathan (Superman’s son), despite the height difference. Ulises Arreola saves Zircher with his coloring by saturating the heroes’ costumes, making the steel-blue of Lex Luthor’s suit and Superman’s colors stand out against the dim tones of the earth and Doomsday.

Although there was action in this issue, Jurgens keeps on adding one mystery after another without solving any, which complicates the story and makes things even more confusing. For instance; Jonathan Kent flying away to save his father, Mr. Oz, where there is a theory that he might be Ozymandias from Watchmen, ect. Jurgens has fantastic ideas for this comic book to excel in many ways, but he just has bad execution of those ideas that may create plot holes and leave some exposition hanging with no solution.





With all the action going on in this issue, there is only more confusing mysteries with no solution to any of it. It seems Zircher is getting rushed with his art with the bi-monthly schedule, which makes this comic look sloppy in some parts. The ideas Jurgens presented are perfect but there are too many things going on with the exposition and the characters that it just makes the ideas seem a bit too much. However, there are great colors in this issue due to Arreola and the emotions with the action makes this comic book balanced out.