Whenever there is an alteration to the DC Universe, the reason seems to always relates to The Flash for the main cause of the altered timeline. In The Flash : Rebirth , Williamson nails the transition to a more classy Barry Allen and creates a story that lays the foundation for future issues to come. Carmine Di Giandominico’s art makes The Flash spark through the pages in The Flash : Rebirth #1 and does so again with The Flash #1.

Williamson and Giandominico lets readers know that the problems faced in DC Universe : Rebirth is not the main focus of the series, but the focus gets shifted to Barry Allen’s person life and struggles to make a new norm for Barry Allen. The issue reintroduces Barry Allen and his story becoming the Flash, which lets new readers to jump into the series without missing anything other than the DC Universe Rebirth foundation. Williamson makes Barry Allen face the struggles of a typical hero by facing multiple threats, while being conflicted that he is not fast enough to save everyone. Williamson does a fantastic job creating the character and emotions of Barry Allen reliable by adding the quote:

I’d say I love my job but… every crime scene means I was already too late.

Throughout the entire issue there are flashbacks to his mother’s death and a history lesson of the speed force connected to Barry Allen. Giandominico and Plascencia make the Flash move faster than ever with their combination of art techniques. Giandominico’s creative page layouts and dynamic figurines makes this whole issue suspenseful and filled with energy when The Flash goes into action. Williamson creates a fantastic CCPD supporting cast with a potential lover, Kristen, and August who plays the role of a best friend to Barry. Even though Williamson builds every character with detail, Giandominico and Plascencia steal the show by dulling the colors when Barry is not in his suit and when he is, The Flash stands out and crackles with warm energy. When coloring The Flash, every color is essential to a speedster in which taps into the speed force energies to save the day, and Plascencia does so with eminence. The story is fluid and original with a twist in the end, leaving the readers with a question if August is a friend speedster or the new super-villain Godspeed?




The Flash needed a new beginning from the last couple of years with the scrutinized new 52 series, in which they exceeded expectations. Williamson creates an authentic Barry Allen with a full range of emotions and power while Giandominico and Plascencia sets a high standard for The Flash with their creative panel layouts, contrasting colors, and crackling movements. Williamson builds Barry Allen from the ground up with every part of monologues and interactions. This issue of The Flash sets another great foundation for the problems that lies ahead in Barry Allen's future.