In the past, especially with new 52, Wonder Woman was nagged with comments stating that Diana in new 52 is not the Wonder Woman everyone knows. The most important mess up was the fact that Brian Azzarello changed up Diana’s origin story and also changed Wonder Woman to be the goddess of war. Wonder Woman over the past years since the start of new 52, has gotten underplayed in her own title and has been struggling to get an audience.

Now in this issue, Wonder Woman starts off strong and builds the foundation for future Wonder Woman issues. The issue establishes all the new terms with Etty Candy’s role, the status of Diana and Steve Trevor, and a revelation in the end. Greg Rucka wastes no time to put his mark on the Wonder Woman series. In the mix between 2 storylines presented in this issue, Wonder Woman is trying to find her way to a goddess to help her and Etty Candy, with Steve Trevor discussing the mysterious sighting of Wonder Woman near his location. Martins colors plus Sharps textures intensifies Wonder Woman’s godliness. Although there is no plot introduced in this issue, there is swift movements of action in the end, presenting a former enemy( yet now she is a goddess), Themyscira, in which looks sleeker and more animalistic. Through the whole issue, Etta and Trevor discuss battle plans and the sighting of Wonder Woman, while Diana’s storyline is faced with action.

With the deep greens of the forest to Diana’s red, white, and blue costume, Liam Sharp and Laura Martin work together to create a sense of power and wondering throughout this issue. The intricate details of Sharp’s shadowing makes this issue feel raised on a pedestal and seem more ominous. The most epic scene was when Diana swooshes over the water, it just caught my eye and it was drawn perfectly with Wonder Woman’s powerful stature. Although, in some scenes, Wonder Woman looks as if she is striking a pose for a camera instead of a character with fluid movements and action. Diana is actually not the main focus in this issue, since all she does is get to one point to another; rather the main focus is the dialogue between Etta and Trevor, strengthening the exposition and moving it forward.




There was question of potential when Wonder Woman: Rebirth came out, and now Sharp is sharpening his skills (pun totally intended) to make Wonder Woman look original while classy. Rucka lets the readers know that he knows what he is doing to make Wonder Woman at the top of the list again. With the surprise ending with Wonder Woman asking Themyscira for help to find the Amazonians, Rucka lays the foundation to get us prepared for the confrontation of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Sharp and Martin make this issue lively and filled with questions and emotion with vibrant art.