DC Comics has a 3 issue feat streak with one of the most popular comic book titles in history, Superman. Not only does Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi make a storyline that fits perfect for Superman, they make this issue feel alive in the reader by the panels and drawings that have incredible passion in them.

With the end of the earlier issue, there was emphasis on the Eradicator coming back into Superman’s life, which it did when Superman went into the Fortress of Solitude carrying Jonathan and Lois beside him. I was surprised when Krypto(a.k.a. Superdog) was with the Eradicator. This issue neatly packs the Eradicator’s back story and why he was there looking for Kryptonians, which is very thorough and made sense. To make a reader authentically interested in a machine and its motives takes an incredible writer in which Tomasi proves he is. We also see some more insight into Jonathan’s health problem, which is his body is still developing,  with a lot of action with Superman and the Eradicator which proves the Eradicator is a foil to Superman. The best comparison of Jonathan would be Damian Wayne, in which Damian had to adjust socially, while Jonathan has to adapt with his maturing body and learn how his powers works.

Gleason and Tomasi write the dialogue beautifully without leaving any key details needed for the story to go on further. I really hope that DC keeps Tomasi with this title since before with the New 52 Superman they kept changing the staff and made the series unsynchronized. The storyline that Tomasi and Gleason has is clever and classy. Tomasi and Gleason has perfected the skill of pacing throughout the issue which has made the comic issue more enjoyable and exciting. Mick Gray does a fabulous job easing the tension with bright and playful colors which makes it seem more kid friendly even with all the action and arguments. Gray has consistently put a lot of emotion in all the issues recently that he has done, and done admirably.

This issue makes you have a variety of emotions that makes this book perfect. With, spoiler alert, Krypto dying saving Jonathan from the Eradicators blast to spare him is a remorseful moment but out of that event, it makes an infuriated Jonathan Kent. This story has laid the foundation it needs and it is taking off one issue at a time towards excellence.




In the past, DC Comic's reboots have not been entirely great making superheroes we know authentic, but ever since Superman Rebirth the staff has made an authentic Superman with a super storyline. The whole team has excelled in the previous 2 issues of this title, and now they can add one more to their victory list. Without a doubt, this series will keep on going strong if DC keeps the team together. Tomasi and Gleason makes every character's emotion and motive thorough and well explained in which they make a whole new level of excellence. Even with a very disappointing ending with the loving dog Krypto dying on one page, there is a very angry Jonathan on the next.