“Life asked death, ‘Why do people love me but hate you?’ Death responded, ‘Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.” – Unknown Author.

In this issue we see a very familiar face, Thanos’ one true love. The persons he’s slaughtered entire planets to please. Death herself. However, she has a new plan entirely for her estranged lover, Death now wishes to entangle the mind of Thanos’ son Thane, who’s one mission in life is to overthrow his father, and to simply be regarded as a symbol of power. He wants to be feared like his father across the galaxy.

Death is such an interesting character, because her motives never seem to bring her any real gain. The only logical explication is, she enjoys watching destruction and mayhem, getting some pleasure in others misfortunes. Which is the obvious allure for Thanos, who’s spent his entire life brining death and destruction at every turn. Who else would be the women the mad titan is smitten by, besides the lovely reaper herself?

Thanos is absence throughout this entire issue, but shows the effect he has among the inhabitants of the galaxy. In particular his son Thane, and this issue spotlights the mental breakdown of Thane by none other than Corvus Glaive. He locks Thane away, only to make one friend, until that was ripped away from him as well. Glaive placed Thane in complete isolation and destroys him mentally. Just as Thane was on the verge of a complete mental collapse, death took advantage of the situation offering a kind hand. Offering freedom and power. Something anyone would be susceptible to in that situation. Especially when that helping hand is offering you more than just a way out of prison, but something you long for even more… to kill Thanos.

After accepting the deal, and forever intertwining his life with death, Thane rescues his friend, who then accompanies him on the journey to destroy his father. While devising a plan with his makeshift team. You begin to see Thane still trying to establish his rank as a leader, he wants respect. He’s lived in his father’s shadow for years, and wants other to see him as a powerful force. However, Thane is completely unreliable with Death at the helm playing on his emotions.

I can only imagine what writer Jeff Lemire does from here will be very interesting. The art is also, absolutely stunning, and Mike Deodato Jr. continues his excellence through the pages of this issue. The use of a double page spread to show Thane in isolation, which was equally as beautiful as the any of the action sequences thus far. The eye-popping colors, along with the crisp details, make a very visually pleasing book. The artist continues to impress with each page turn.




All-in-all I thought this issue was well put together. It was great to see Death reintroduced into this story. Even though Thanos was nowhere to be found, he still held a critical role. Conveying the struggles of his only son Thane, as he plots the murder of his mad titan father.