What comes after “meet cute?” Well, I suppose one might as well ask what comes after “the thing that isn’t precisely meet cute but falls short of the apocalypse.” Yes, yes, it’s obvious that Damian Wayne and Jon White (Kent) are well on their way to fast and enduring friendship, even if one is an absurd tyrant and the other is … much, much taller. Nevertheless, the first meeting of these future demigods of the DC Universe was not exactly chocolate and puppies.

Peter Tomasi seems, fortunately, determined to mine the natural compatibility issues in this relationship for every nugget of comic gold he can find. In Super Sons #1, He is ably aided by artist Jorge Jimenez and colorist Alejandro Sanchez who produce a world of bright hues and sharp, elongated forms that bring to mind the look of the original Scooby Doo. It is a perfect design for a book that brings together friendship, adventure, mystery, and super powers with a refreshing absence of darkness.

The story begins in medias res, as Robin and Superboy find themselves running, bickering, and fighting a horde of robots made to somewhat resemble them – or at least to resemble them by way of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. We then visit what appears to be some kind of TV soundstage dominated by a powerful but juvenile monster who strongly resembles Billy Mummy’s vicious child god from The Twilight Zone. The bulk of the tale chronicles Damian’s attempt to appreciate Jon’s life as Robin impersonates a bus driver and a schoolteacher. After a detour to deal with some bullies and a brave sneak into Superboy’s room under Clark Kent’s nose, the boys decide to investigate a hacking episode at Lex Corp. Unfortunately, it turns out Lex Luthor has the   same idea.




This is a delightful book about delightful characters. So far, there isn't much else to say. But what else would anybody need?