Don’t Believe The Hype! – Price Increase in Comics

Where Marvel and DC are hoping to increase their margin on these stories though is on the hope that you will double dip and buy these stories in both formats…

Don’t Beleive The Hype! – Wednesday Comics

When it comes to the recently completed Wednesday Comics, I will say this much for DC: they are not afraid to take chances, and I will always like that about them.

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Forson

With Boom! Studios on the rise, WCBR takes a look at Poe cover artist, Jeremy Forson.

Don’t Believe The Hype!

This is going to be the first column in what I hope will be an ongoing discussion on how incredibly fucking stupid comics can be.

Rob G.’s Top Ten #1’s

The following list is my picks for the best first issues, based on comics that have been released during by tenure as a hobbyist, i.e the past twenty years.

Captain America ReturnsRob G.’s Wish Comes True – Cap Is Back

You know I’ve been wishing upon a star, specifically a certain star on a certain iconic shield, for Steve Rogers’ return.

Artist Spotlight: Frank Quitely

With Batman and Robin around the corner, fans are once again treated to the amazing work of Frank Quitely.

Wolverine Fights We’d Like To See

With Wolverine taking Hollywood by storm the past weekend, a few of our editors got together and chose who we would like to see him battle.