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Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #3 – Review

By: Jen van Meter (writer), Javier Rodriguez & Javier Pulido (art), Matt Hollingsworth & Rodriguez (colors) & Joe Caramanga (letters)

The Story: The somewhat confusing story of Black Cat being forced to steal items for the Kravinoff family continues.

What’s Good: Honestly, not a whole lot.  If you are a die-hard Black Cat fan, this will be essential reading, but otherwise….

There are also a whopping 4 pages of art by Javier Pulido that look nice even if they are clearly rushed.

What’s Not So Good: Sheesh did I lose the narrative on this comic.  My most common thought as I was reading was: “Huh????”  I was honestly having a hard time remembering who was scheming against Black Cat and who was trying to help her.  It probably isn’t really that hard to figure out, but the story wasn’t captivating enough that I wanted to put forth the effort to flip back through the issue a second time, much less dig out issues #1 and #2.

The story is also leaving me flat because I had kinda had enough of the Kravinoff family after The Grim Hunt story arc in Amazing Spider-Man.  I know that was only about a month ago, but it seems like ancient history and I just don’t want to see the Kravinoffs again so soon.  This series probably should have run in the month leading up to Grim Hunt.
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