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Doctor Who #1 – Review

By: Gary Russell (writer), Nick Roche (art), Joe Phillips (art assists), German Torres (ink assists) & Charlie Kirchoff (colors)

I just want to start saying that I’m not an old school fan – I started watching Doctor Who with the new 2005 series. I love Eccleston as the Doctor as well as Rose. I didn’t quite like Tennant as the new Doctor at first, but eventually, I grew to love him. I can’t say the same for Martha Jones’ character, because she just wasn’t Rose. I guess I like them blonde. Anyway, back to the review of Doctor Who #1.

The story goes on about Martha Jones wanting to taste chocolate milk shakes from around the galaxies. They get to a space station but a Sycorax kidnaps the Doctor with the intent of keeping him in his collection of “unique species”. He’s in to make a profit out of it. Martha Jones helps rescue the Doctor and they free the other hostages and travel back to the safety of London.

This issue feels like a teaser to an episode of the series. The “enemy” feels a bit off, not being on the same level as the Doctor. It just doesn’t feel menacing, and because of that the story lacks tension. With the TV series how they can escape or survive the enemy always keeps you guessing – but here’s it’s just predictable. The art also feels a bit too “cartoon-ish” for the series, almost as if it’s targeted to kids. Sadly, I cannot recommend this book. Skip it and stick to the TV series. (Grade: D+)

-Daniel Yanez


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