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Batman #698 – Review

By: Tony Daniel (writer), Guillem March (artist), Tomeu Morey (inker)

The Story: Riddle Me This, Part One: Batman is called to a weird murder that doesn’t quite fit easy theories. Who shows up to help out and make suggestions? Edward Nigma. No one is comfortable with his help, but he seems to be on to something in terms of spotting a series of copycat murders. As the story goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that someone is trying to play Batman, but who is it, and will Dick get out alive?

What’s Good: Guillem and Morey draw some very evocative art. The blotches of color in the dream sequence, the scratchy darkness, the mutilated corpes and a grim-faced Batman make Gotham come to life in its lurid, creepy way. Nigma, with his stringy, greasy hair and fluid mouth fits right into the creepy. And everything is textured: the rain, the pavement, the buildings and the faces. I really enjoyed the effort the artists made to evoke this reality. At the same time, I think that Daniel offered us a typical Batman puzzle, although I had some issues.
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