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Weekly Comic Book Review’s Top Picks

Dean’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Thunderbolts #163 – Did you know that this is the 20th straight really good (“B” or better) issue that Jeff Parker has done on Thunderbolts since I started reading it after Siege?  So, he has 36 more to catch DiMaggio, but that is about a good a run as you’ll see in Big 2 comics these days.  And, it isn’t running out of steam at all as he’s seamlessly integrated a new cast of characters, worked in Nazis and a Cap that will work well with folks who saw the movie this summer.  It’s just really good stuff.  And Kev Walker is a fabulous artists.  Love this issue and title.  Runner-up: Swamp Thing #1

Most Anticipated: Batwoman #1 – Lots of anticipated comics this week, but my pick is one we’ve been waiting on for over a year.  Honestly, it may have trouble living up to the anticipation, but I was just going through the Batwoman – Detective Comics run again a few weeks ago and it was really HOT.  Maybe it’ll miss something without Greg Rucka around to write it, but with JH Williams, III drawing it there is no doubt that it will be beautiful.

Other Picks: American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4, Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #1, Scalped #52, Unwritten #29, 27: Second Set #1, Pigs #1, Severed #2, Amazing Spider-Man #669, Criminal: Last of the Innocent #4, Uncanny X-Force #15

Alex’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Animal Man #1 – I thought that’d be harder but, despite the quality books, Animal Man was the clear winner for me.  It felt fresh, energetic, new, and awesome in so many ways. It’s stunning just how much Lemire puts on offer in this book, from the opening interview with “A-Man,” to domestic, family-type scenes, to superheroics, to straight-up horror. It seems hard to believe that a 20-page floppy can have it all, but this came damned close.

Most Anticipated: Demon Knights #1 – This is basically like someone reached into my brain and plucked out my dream book.  A genre I love (high fantasy), characters I love (Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, and Vandal Savage), and one my favourite writers (Paul Cornell) are united on a book that is so awesome in concept that I’m seriously waiting for someone to tell me that it doesn’t actually exist.  Better still, Cornell always seems his best when allowed to go about the more niche books, and this seems just that. Admittedly, Frankenstein was very close to taking this, particularly due to Jeff Lemire’s performance last week, but I cannot deny the awesomeness that is Demon Knights.

Other Picks: Frankenstein: Agent of of SHADE #1, Batwoman #1, Green Lantern #1, American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4, Scalped #52, Amazing Spider-Man #669, Daredevil #3, Fear Itself #6, Journey into Mystery #627, New Avengers #16, PunisherMAX #17


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