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Green Lantern #47 – Review

by Geoff Johns (Writer), Doug Mahnke (art)

The Story: The Black Lanterns enter the War of Light as Green Lantern Hal Jordan and his archenemy Sinestro are both confronted with faces from the past.

What’s Good: You’d think that with Johns’ handling the scripting chores on both the core Blackest Night title as well this one, he’d put out at least one issue of Green Lantern that felt a little like filler.  I mean, we’re just at the halfway point and this comic marks the tenth chapter that Johns has written!  Any worries of subpar storytelling should be ignored, though, as what feels like another essential component of the larger tapestry is executed here.

I have to admit, as much as I’m enjoying the story told in the parent title about the Black Lanterns, what really excited me initially about this story-line was the War of Light.  That aspect of the plot has really taken center stage in Green Lantern, and I couldn’t be happier.  Seeing representatives of the Green, Violet, Indigo and Yellow Lantern Corps combining their powers against the Black Lanterns was an effective moment, as was their marshaling their forces when coming to the aid of the Blue Lanterns.  Johns’ also gets kudos for making Sinestro of all people a sympathetic character.  Not an easy feat, but he pulls it off here.

As for artist Mahnke, he turns in his usual amazing job on the pencils.  His reveal of four of the Five Inversions is suitably horrific and bizarre.  He knows when to deliver the big moments in Johns’ script, such as the violence enacted upon Atrocitus, yet succeeds just as expertly on the more personal moments.  Sinestro’s hesitation to deliver the killing blow to his former lover is written all over his face.  No amount of text could have conveyed his anguish more powerfully than Mahnke’s depiction.

What’s Not So Good: I expected some more emotional weight in the scenes concerning Hal Jordan’s confrontation with predecessor Abin Sur.  The meeting of the past and present Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 had the potential to be one of the most memorable moments in Blackest Night.  A decision was made to concentrate on the Ysmault and Sinestro/Arin Sur scenes which, while successful in their own rights, served to detract from the promise of this issue’s cover.  It’s hard not to feel that Johns dropped the ball somewhat here.  I also need to criticize the glacial pace of the John Stewart sub-plot of the last few issues.  Something needs to happen there sooner rather than later.

Conclusion: Johns and Mahnke deliver yet another superb chapter of Blackest Night.  While some other titles crossing over with the event have started to feel tired when it comes to the primary gimmick, Johns uses Green Lantern to further flesh out the story in  a magnificent way.

Grade: B+

-Joe Lopez

WCBR’s Picks Of The Week

Kyle’s Top Picks

Pick of the Week: Invincible Iron Man #19 – An epic finish to an epic arc, the final chapter of World’s Most Wanted worked in nearly every way.  While the artwork left something to be desired, Fraction’s story definitely ended on one hell of a note.  I can’t wait to dive into Stark: Disassembled.

Most Anticipated: X-Force/ New Mutants: Necrosha One-Shot #1 – It’s an absolutely packed week for me (seriously, about 3/4ths of my pull list comes out), so picking one book was a bit of a challenge.  Now Necroshia could easily turn out to be another unwhelming (Utopia), or flat out terrible (Messiah War) “X” crossover, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it begins regardless.  And besides…seriously how cool is Clayton Crain’s Lost Boys homage for the crossover?!

Other Top Picks: Detective Comics #858, Gotham City Sirens #5, Avengers: The Initiative #29, Dark Avengers: Ares #1, Dark Reign: The List – Punisher & Wolverine one-shots, Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5, Fantastic Four #572, Incredible Hercules #137, Ms. Marvel #46, New Avengers #58, Secret Warriors #9, Ultimate Comics: Avengers #3, Wolverine: Weapon X #6, X-Force #20, Hack/Slash #27, and Pilot Season: Declassified 1$ Preview

DS’ Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: I was very happy with the ending of the Blackest Night: Superman miniseries. You could even say I was blue with hope, as I saw my glimmer of the stuff since seeing the Black Hand licking a skull a few months ago. Our heroes discover two vulnerabilities of the Black Lanterns!

Most Anticipated: Blackest Night #4 –Geoff Johns has been dropping property values all over the DCU, unless you happen to want to buy land formerly used for cemetaries. The latest installment in DC’s massive zombie apocalypse!

Other Top Picks: Wonder Woman #37, Blackest Night: Titans #3, Justice Society of America #32, Avengers: The Initiative #29, Guardians of the Galaxy #19, Ms. Marvel #46, New Avengers #58, Secret Warriors #9

Alex’s Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: Dark Avengers #10 – A solid comic with a strong horror theme and engaging team dynamics, this is should be the standard for a Dark Avengers comic.  Not as good as last month, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Most Anticipated: Detective Comics #858 – This comic’s all about Kate, and through her, Rucka has crafted a very likable character.  With the start of this new origin-based storyarc, Kate is more front and centre than ever, and that’s a very good nothing.  It’s always great to get to know one of your favourite characters a little bit better.

Other Picks: Fantastic Four #572, Northlanders #21, Blackest Night #4, Secret Warriors #9, New Avengers #58, Madame Xanadu #16, Unknown Soldier #13, Green Lantern #47, Wolverine: Weapon X #6, Justice Society of America #32, Jack of Fables #39

Joe’s Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: Incredible Hulk #603 – Greg Pak took a fairly obvious premise – a showdown between super-progeny Skaar, son of Hulk and Daken, son of Wolverine – and succeeded far more than ever should have been possible.  This issue was a perfect example of the fun you can have in comics, no matter how insane the plot.  Great dumb fun told exceptionally well!

Most Anticipated: X-Force/ New Mutants: Necrosha One-Shot #1 – A lot of people are calling this “Marvel’s Blackest Night”, but that does a disservice to how long this story has been percolating in the X-verse.  Plot threads from the best X-Book on the stands, X-Force, come to a head in this one-shot that kicks off the next big crossover and I’m totally pumped to see what happens next!

Other Top Picks: Blackest Night #4, Green Lantern #47, X-Force #20, Detective Comics #858, Avengers the Initiative #29, New Avengers #58, Secret Warriors #9, Ignition City #5, Buck Rogers #5


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