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Green Lantern #48 – Review

By Geoff Johns (writer), Doug Mahnke (artist)

The Story: The delegates of each lantern corps finally come together on Okaara.  As they all work through their differences in order to confront the Black Lanterns, secrets of Atrocitus’ past come to light.

What’s Good: Johns finally delivers on the promise of the multi-colored lantern corps by having a representative of each on stage in this issue (Well, except for black, but really, you can find one of those in practically any other DC book this month).  He’s definitely scratching some sort of completist itch within me by having all the colors represented here, and it really is just pure, unadulterated fun to behold.  I found that I had just as much fun reading this issue as I did collecting all eight of the promo lantern corps rings that DC gave out this month.  (Yes, it is possible that I took turns placing each of the rings on my finger while, in my best movie trailer voice, announcing, “Joe Lopez.  You have the ability to instill blah-blah-blah.  Welcome to the pick-your-color Corps!”  Not that I would tell you that or anyth-… Crap.)

Adding to the enjoyment was the writer’s decision to center on the characters of Larfleeze and Atrocitus.  We’ve seen the focus fall on many of Green Lantern’s supporting cast during this story-line, but these two definitely have been ripe for the spotlight.  Atrocitus in particular benefits from some effective fleshing out of his past and the cause for the great rage that fills his heart.  Johns also smartly uses Larfleeze to inject some humor into his script.  It doesn’t always work against such an ominous backdrop, but when it does, the comedic relief is welcome.

P. S. Doug Mahnke’s artwork kicks serious ass.  ‘Nuff said.

What’s Not So Good: There isn’t much to complain about here, but I should reiterate the fact that Johns’ attempts at levity don’t always work.  As DS Arsenault mentioned in his review of Blackest Night #5, in both that issue and this one, several of the characters (Hal and Carol especially) have taken to cracking wise during insanely dire straits.  While it might not be completely unrealistic for them to do so, and while I certainly understand Johns’ desire to lighten up the otherwise bleak story a bit, it did remind me a little bit of cheesy action movies where the protagonist’s always ready with a one-liner.  Not a horrible offense, but it removed me from the story at times.

Conclusion: Johns and Mahnke are, as always, a dependable team and they consistently make Green Lantern a title to look forward to.  While Johns’ jesting didn’t always succeed when in contrast with the crisis at hand, it far from ruined the fun to be had getting to see the different-colored lantern corps finally team up.

Grade: B

-Joe Lopez

WCBR Picks Of The Week

Kyle’s Top Picks

Top Picks: Wolverine: Weapon X #7 –  I expected something great and Jason Aaron delivered something great.  While the writer definitely covered familiar ground (Weapon X #7 read a lot like #6 at times), I thought it worked just fine as part of the story being told.  Who’d have thought that Wolverine would make a great horror comic character?  Especially as the victim?!

Most Anticipated: Invincible Iron Man #20 – World’s Most Wanted was one hell of an arc. I have a feeling that Stark: Disassembled will be one hell of an arc as well.  It starts Wednesday and I cannot to see what Matt Fraction does with the character he writes so well.

Other Top Picks: Gotham City Sirens #6, Avengers: The Initiative #30, Dark Avengers: Ares #2, Fantastic Four #573, Incredible Hercules #138, Ms. Marvel #47 (Great to see Spidey back in Ms. Marvel), New Avengers #59, New Mutants #7, Secret Warriors #10, Uncanny X-Men #517, Chew #6, Darkness #81, Berserker #3
DS’ Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: Dark Avengers #11 – I’ve been a fan of the unhinged Molecule Man since Secret War and his return is being done right!

Most Anticipated: Blackest Night #5 – I can’t look away from the dismantling of the DCU and can’t wait to find out what’s up with the black power battery at 100%!

Other Top Picks: JLA #39, JSA #33, Wonder Woman #38, Justice League: Cry for Justice #5, Captain America: Reborn #5, Immortal Weapons #5, Ms. Marvel #47, Secret Warriors #10, Guardians of the Galaxy #20, Incredible Hercules #138, Uncanny X-Men #517.
Alex’s Top Picks

Pick of the Week: Wolverine: Weapon X #7 – For the second month in a row, Wolverine: Weapon X grabs pick of the week.  Clearly, it’s doing something right.  Another creative issue that’s just a really, really fun read while remaining intelligent as well.  Great artwork is just the icing on the cake.

Most Anticipated: Powers #1 – It’s been far, far too long.  I’ll leave it at that.  This series is so good and so justifiably renowned that no further explanation for my excitement should be necessary.

Other Picks: Thor: Defining Moments Giant Size, Detective Comics #859, Fantastic Four #573, Invincible Iron Man #20, Blackest Night #5, Northlanders #22, Secret Warriors #10, Unknown Soldier #14, Madame Xanadu #17, Green Lantern #48, Uncanny X-Men #517, Justice Society #33, Justice League #39, New Avengers #59
Joe’s Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: Adventure Comics #4 – The lead feature of this comic lands this spot easily just by delivering something unexpected into my hands.  When you read handfuls of comics week in and week out, you sometimes forget the awesome feeling of being surprised.  Johns and Ordway reminded me.

Most Anticipated: Blackest Night #5 – Yes, because I am a comic geek, I went back and read all the back issues with just-revealed Big Bad Nekron in them.  And the fact that he ended up being pretty lame just has me pumped that much more to see how Johns and Reis will revitalize the villain. I can’t wait!

Other Top Picks: Green Lantern #48, Detective Comics #859, Superman Secret Origin #3, World’s Finest #2, Chew #6, Avengers the Initiative #30, Guardians of the Galaxy #20, Incredible Hercules #138, Invincible Iron Man #20, New Avengers #59, Secret Warriors #10, New Mutants #7, Thor Giant Size Finale, Uncanny X-Men #517, Criminal The Sinners #2, Incognito TPB, Lone Ranger #19, Buck Rogers #6


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