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Weekly Comic Book Review’s Top Picks

Dean’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Bulletproof Coffin #6 – What a great ending to a creator-owned series!  What started out as a send-up of the pre-comics code era finished with a biting satire of creator’s selling out the intellectual property rights to their characters for a paycheck.  Just awesome.  Runner-up: Detective Comics #872

Most Anticipated: The Walking Dead #80 – It looks like the wait is over.  The zombies haven’t gotten to munch on humans for a couple of years in TWD, but that looks to change in this issue.  It should be intense and I kinda wonder if any of my favorite characters is going to end up as zombie poo.

Other Picks: I, Zombie #9, Doc Macabre #2, 27 #2, Marineman #2, Who is Jake Ellis #1, She-Hulks #3


DS’ Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Batman: The Dark Knight #1 – David Finch, on both art and story made Batman: The Dark Knight #1 my favorite comic of last week. Art was beautiful. The story worked well. I’ve in for issue #2.

Most Anticipated: Brightest Day #17. Are you kidding me? The Hawkman and Hawkgirl subplots is one of my favorite ones in Brightest Day, not just for the artwork. I’m digging the eternal lovers and their immortal enemy and am anxious (although it won’t happen in this issue) to see how all this fits together with Blackest Night and Brightest Day.

Other Picks: Adventure Comics #522, Secret Six #29, Avenger Prime #5, Captain America: Hail Hydra #1, X-Factor #213, Heroes for Hire #2


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