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Unthinkable #2 – Review

By Mark Sable  (writer), Julian Totino (pencils, inks), Juan Manuel Tumburus (colors)

The Story: Alan Ripley tries to put a band-aid over the bullet hole as the insane ideas he concocted about doomsday scenarios come to fruition. He and the remaining members of the think-tank try to prevent a new terrorist attack but find themselves irrevocably caught in the web of the perpetrators they had tried to snare.

What’s Good: The story has a lot of fuel to it and moves along at a pace that matches its explosiveness. Both writer and artists do their job in delivering us the goods. Mark Sable does a good job of instilling the sense of chaos that has gripped his created world into the reader; andJulian Totino’s art captures this degraded sense of chaotic reality. The overall tone provided in this book is strong and consistent.

What’s Not So Good: The fact  that this issue had a weak and confusing plot and this helped  to confirm my initial theory about this series, which is,  that it relies on sensationalism. The terrorist attacks that are the setting– and really, the pull for this series– are a little cheap in the sense that Sable just takes every fear, prediction, warning, and danger we’ve experienced since 9/11 and throws them into the story with no clear idea for direction or meaning. Its like a Michael Bay independent, art comic book.

Conclusion: Being that this issue is half way through the whole series, I’m willing to give Sable the benefit of the doubt that he will tell us a good story here and that he has a clear exist strategy to wrap up this tale. In the end, this series serves as a good representation of comics being good without having to rely on the supernatural or the super-powered.

Grade: B-

-Rob G.


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