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Morning Glories #14 – Review

By: Nick Spencer (writer), Joe Eisma (art), Alex Sollazzo (colors), Johnny Lowe (letters) & Jade Dodge (editor)

The Story: More mysteries, Zoe and Hunter have a few “moments” and we learn more about Woodrun.

Five Things: 

1. Lots of teases.  This issue had a lot of scenes where if you joined the scene a panel sooner OR if you were allowed to linger for a panel more OR if you were just permitted to change your visual perspective …..you would have learned something important.  That’s the tease of Morning Glories and it’s either your kind of thing or it isn’t.  I work professionally with legal contracts and reading Morning Glories sometimes reminds me of reading an except from a contract without any of the definitions of terms: Sometimes you think you might know what the characters are talking about, but you almost never know for sure.   This is obviously what Spencer and Eisma are going for and they do it very well.

2. Nice coloring.  My ability to comment technically on coloring is weak, but I really do like what Sollazzo does in MG month-after-month. Eisma’s art is very clean.  There aren’t many stray lines, spot blacks, crosshatching or anything else that would add a lot of depth to a page.  So, a lot of that work is on Sollazzo’s plate and he really does a nice job.  I usually say that I’m not a fan of such highlighted color art, but this works for me because he isn’t cutting corners.  Lots of color artists will do things like highlight a head like it is a sphere when we all know that heads are NOT spheres.  Sollazzo really seems to understand and care about contouring.  It kinda goes without saying at this point that Eisma’s characters are really “acting” well, but Sollazzo adds that extra touch without ever screwing up the line art.

3. Different point of view.  Some of the scenes in this issue were lifted straight out of last issue.  I wouldn’t want that every month, but it is a neat literary tick when it is used effectively.  It’s neat to see how a scene unfolds from multiple angles.  That month we followed one group of characters and here we get to see what happened to the people who got “left behind”.  Man….Zoe….what a B!$%#.
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