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Undying Love #1 – Review

By: Tomm Coker & Daniel Freedman (writers), Coker (art), Freedman (color), Michael David Thomas (letters)

The Story: A modern day vampire story in which a soldier falls in love with a vampire and attempts to free her soul.

What’s Good: Well, this is a very stylish looking book.  Although Coker is using a lot of photo-reference, this falls more onto the Alex Maleev side of the equation where they make photo-reference look good (as compared to the tracers out there).  If I had to speculate, it looks like Coker is starting with a photo for the general outline of the character or face and then inking digitally over the top of it, so while the faces certainly have the photo-outline look, they also have a very rough and chunky inked shading that keeps it looking good.  This is important because a lot of photo-ref artists focus so much on the outline of the character that they forget that shading within the character is what gives it vitality and emotion.  I really don’t mind photo-reference as long as the artist does something cool with it and these guys do just that.

The story is entertaining and pretty straightforward, going right into the action as we see a Caucasian man and Chinese woman who are on the run.  They’re clearly in love, but something is chasing them.  Then they are confronted at a shrine by a talking fox and all these ancient Chinese soldiers with swords and armor and a fight ensues.  The man pulls out his gun and starts mowing them down.  The fight progressed and then WOW .the Chinese woman nails one of the soldiers and she has fangs an glowing red eyes: She’s a vampire!  That’s why they’re on the run!

I have taken to really avoiding preview promotional material and didn’t see this twist coming at all, and my initial reaction was “Cool! She’s a vampire!” so the creators are not guilty of creating, “yet another vampire book.”
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