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Whiteout Vol.1 TPB – Review

By Greg Rucka (writer) & Steve Lieber (illustrator & letterer)

I found out about this comic because of the movie adaptation that’s coming out with Kate Beckinsale as the lead. Why didn’t I hear anything about this great book before? This is sad! There must be lots and lots of great collections that I don’t even know exist. Why can’t publishers advertise and market their great old works more effectively? I just don’t get it.

The story is set in Antarctica. Carrie Stetko, an U.S. Marshall stationed there, is investigating a murder in one of the camps. There are five other people in the camp that have gone missing as well. She needs to complete the investigation in the next two weeks, because the base is shutting down for the winter with most of the staff will be leaving. As the days get colder, she’s forced to deal with bad weather, a population of mostly men, and a loose murderer. Her character is completely believable, with flaws and a troubled past; props to Greg Rucka for fleshing her out so well. The black and white art by Lieber perfectly fits the harsh and barren world of Antarctica.

The trade is only $13.95, cheaper than the usual, but what makes this a must buy is the great story. Oni Press has the first chapter available to read at their website. I also bought Vol.2 and I’ll be reviewing it soon. Lieber told me that there is a 3rd volume in the works as well. Can’t wait for it! (Grade: A)

-Daniel Yanez


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