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Weekly Comic Book Review’s Top Picks

DS’ Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Brightest Day #8 – It was a thin week for me and nothing in my pull stack really glowed, but if I had to give the weekly prize to some book, I’d have to go with Brightest Day #8.

Most Anticipated: Legion of Super-Heroes #4 – a mystery is afoot and someone seems to be trying to hand the blame of Darkseid. That’s dangerous for everybody!

Other Top Picks: Batman #702, Captain America #609, Justice League of America #48, Daredevil #508, Namor: The First Mutant #1

Alex’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Ex Machina #50 – Chew #13 and the power of fricken would’ve won on any other week, but unfortunately it had to go up against the final issue of what will go down as one of the greatest comics of all time.  Ex Machina #50 was a perfect, if somber, conclusion that I will remember for years to come.  Wonderfully executed and a true testament to Vaughan and Harris’ abilities and their peak.

Most Anticipated: Action Comics #892 – A very, very tough choice between this and Fantastic Four.  Unsurprising given that they were in a dead heat for pick of the week when they came out together last month.  Action Comics ultimately gets the edge due to the back-up, which is an intro Superboy story by Jeff Lemire.  My curiosity in this, as well as the sheer genius of Cornell’s Lex Luthor makes this a book that you need to pick up.

Other Picks: Fantastic Four #582, Avengers #4, Invincible #74, Madame Xanadu #26, Wonder Woman #602, Captain America #609, Scalped #40, Secret Warriors #19, Thor #613, Unknown Soldier #23, The Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Dean’s Top Picks

Best From The Past Week: Wolverine Weapons X #16 – This was a really great issue that got to the bottom of the odd-couple relationship that Logan and Kurt have always had as we see Kurt teaching his old friend was last life lesson from beyond the grave.  Is there any kind of story that Jason Aaron doesn’t write well?

Most Anticipated: Lady Robotika #2 – None of the “major” titles are lunging out at me this week and I could have picked Scalped #40 here, but I’ll always have the tie-breaker go to the little creator owned title when possible.  The first issue of Lady Robotika was a wacky surprise that showed rocker chick Jane Wiedlin kidnapped by aliens to perform a concept for their emperor.  That might have been fun enough, but the aliens were into Earth culture, drink Colt 45 malt liquor, etc.  Zany fun and I hope this issue can keep it up.

Other Top Picks: Scalped #40, Fantastic Four #582, Avengers #4, PunisherMax Happy Ending #1

Joe’s Top Picks

Best of the Past Week – Thunderbolts #147 – This title consistently has been getting better and better every month since the Heroic Age reboot and has been finding it’s way to the top of my stack whenever it comes out.  Jeff Parker has been hitting some great beats and Kev Walker’s art is, in one word, awesome.

Most Anticipated – Avengers #4 – Surprisingly, none of the releases this week would I classify as “most anticipated”, but I have to admit Avengers is the one title I’m hoping will be “most improved”.  Bendis and Romita on a title with Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, and Wolverine should be a no brainer, for some reason it’s been lacking that special something.  Here’s hoping this week it will all finally click for me.

Other Picks –
Batman #702, Superman Secret Origin #6, Astonishing X-Men #35, Captain America #609, Namor the First Mutant #1, Secret Warriors #19, Ultimate Mystery #2, X-Factor #208, X-Men Legacy #239, X-Men:  Blade #1, X-Men: Storm & Gambit #1


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