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The Graphic Novel Reader

Nova Vol. 1 – Review

You have here the opportunity to get your Marvel fix with an excellent comic that has absolutely nothing to do with Norman Osborn for a change.

Northlanders: Sven the Returned – Review

By chapter six, the book takes a sudden, massive upswing in quality in a manner so ingenious, it reminds us of what Wood is capable of.

The Wolverine Files – Review

The Wolverine Files is one part encyclopedia and one part metafiction, lovingly written and designed to look like an official dossier of all the intelligence S.H.I.E.L.D. has gathered on Wolverine over the years.

Agents of Atlas Vol. 1 – Review

Whether you choose to buy this comic in monthly issues or graphic novels, Agents of Atlas is an entertaining story that will not disappoint.

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter – Review

Delighting in Parker’s quest for revenge is the ultimate guilty pleasure.

The Invincible Iron Man: World’s Most Wanted HC – Review

Fraction has never been better as a writer than he is on this book.

Ghost Rider: The Last Stand – Review

Jason Aaron has turned Ghost Rider into a grindhouse comic, saturating every page in lurid entertainment.

We’re going to begin something new here at Weekly Comic Book Review and start talking about graphic novels, because when we took a look at the other comic book review sites out there, we were frankly shocked at how a few of them (by which we mean to say practically none of them) ever give them a meaningful review.  Why is that?  Graphic novels are one of the most important thing to hit this medium since, well, comic books, which is why writers now go to such great lengths to structure their stories with a careful eye towards their inevitable collected releases.  And again, why is that?  I suspect it’s because the industry has noticed a change in what we’re investing our money in.  I suspect they’ve noticed that readers are increasingly less interested in having their stories serialized and dragged out for half a year and instead looking for a more complete entertainment experience, one that they can have the freedom to find at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon as easily as they do their local comic shop.  Something that they can display with pride on their bookshelves and not have to hide away in their White Boxes of Shame.

We want to speak to that graphic novel reader here, and show them new collections worth their time and money.  And if you’ve never cracked open a graphic novel before, we especially can’t wait to speak with you. Welcome!

9 Responses

  1. I probably have one of the very few signed Spiegelman copies of Maus there are. At least at the time, he had a rule about not signing, but he was gracious to me because I was helping with the event and helped coax the venue managers to let him smoke on stage as part of his act, which I think is legit. Anyway, he’s an awesome, awesome guy and very giving when it comes to teaching aspiring comic writers. And he took the time to draw a Maus as part of his signature. Boyyyyy!

  2. I’m a fairly new comic reader and so far i’m liking the stuff DC and Vertigo has published. I have a little trouble deciding what to read next. I have nearly all the issues of batgirl banked and have access to the all the issues of Unknown Soldier. But i’ve also wanted to start on some superman material. I tried doing a poll thing on my blog, but im also a very new blogger. Could i please, PLEASE get some help?

  3. Are you interested in more reviewers for graphic novels? I have reviewed comics for various websites and graphic novels on my blog.

  4. Do you have any reviews on Wolverine Origins Vol. 1 to 6 series, I’d like to buy it for my husband as a gift.

  5. There really are a lack of reviews for collected editions of comics. I pretty much only buy marvel comics in trade or hardcover, so I just hunt out reviews of the individual issues the books comprise, but I think all the major comics sites should really start doing this.

    Also, I just bought Sven the Returned and I am very much looking forward to reading it.

  6. Great, I assumed reviews was coming shortly. Just wanted to say that this is a great addition to your site.

  7. Sit tight, good sir. You didn’t think we would launch this new part without a review to accompany it? A review will be up in a few minutes. Thanks for reading!

  8. I’ve just come across this site recently and so far really like it, but the thing I thought was missing was reviews of graphic novels. This should make your great site even better.

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